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  1. Dog Symptom Checker | Dog Health & Illness Symptom ... - petMD
    Welcome to the petMD Dog Symptom Checker, where you can easily search our 1,000+ dog health articles based on the symptoms your dog is experiencing. Simply select the area of the body that is being affected and then check off any appropriate symptom(s). Articles relevant to your query will appear ...
  2. Dog Health Symptoms Listed A-to-Z - Pet Health Center
    WebMD provides comprehensive dog health information covering a wide variety of symptoms affecting your pet.
  3. Dental Disease in Dogs: 12 Symptoms and Treatments ...
    Unfortunately, canine dental diseases are very common. As in humans, high levels of plaque can form in dogs’ mouths as the result of trapped food debris, buildups of bacteria, and the presence of other foreign particles. Plaque, in turn, attracts even more bacteria, which your pet’s immune ...
  4. Pet Dental Care -
    Dental health is a very important part of your pet’s overall health, and dental problems can cause, or be caused by, other health problems. Your pet’s teeth and gums should be checked at least once a year by your veterinarian to check for early signs of a problem and to keep your pet’s mouth healthy.
  5. 10 Tips for Better Dental Health in Dogs - WebMD
    Did you know that regularly brushing your dog’s teeth and providing her with a healthy diet and plenty of chew toys can go long way toward keeping her mouth healthy? Many pooches show signs of gum disease by the time they’re four years old because they aren’t provided with proper mouth care-and bad breath is often the first sign of a problem. . Give your dog regular home checks and ...
  6. Oral Hygiene and Your Dog's Health | petMD
    I asked a Diplomate of the American Veterinary Dental College, Jan Bellows DVM, of Hometown Animal Hospital and Dental Clinic in Weston, Florida, about the adverse health impact chronic periodontal disease can have on a dog. This is what he had to say, "The toxins from periodontal disease are absorbed into the dog's blood stream.
  7. Top 5 Dental Conditions for Dogs and Cats
    The mouth is the source of many health issues for dogs and cats. In fact, 80% of dogs and 70% of cats show signs of oral and dental disease by age 3. For cats, tooth infections are one of the top 10 reasons cats see vets each year. Nationwide pet insurance has listed the top 5 dental woes for dogs and cats based on policyholder claims submitted in 2016.
  8. Blepharitis in Dogs: 12 Symptoms and Treatments | ActiveBeat
    Home » Pet Health » Blepharitis in Dogs: 12 Symptoms and Treatments. Blepharitis in Dogs: 12 Symptoms and Treatments ... Pet Health . Foods You Should Never Feed Your Dog. ... Dental Disease in Dogs: 12 Symptoms and Treatments. Unfortunately, canine dental diseases are very common. As in humans, high levels of plaque can form in dogs ...
  9. Signs of Dental Disease in Dogs, and What Can Be Done About It
    4/12/2012 · Signs of dental disease in dogs include bad breath, bleeding gums and gum loss. We run down the symptoms of dog periodontal disease. Unlike you, your dog doesn’t brush his teeth two or three times a day to make sure his smile is sparkling white and his breath is fresh. Overseeing our pets ...
  10. Dog Diseases - Dental Disease | Hill's Pet
    What is dental disease? It can be difficult to keep your dog's teeth clean, so dental health problems are very common. In fact, research shows that at around the age of 2, 80% of dogs have some sign of dental disease. Problems usually start with a buildup of sticky plaque that hardens to form tartar.
  11. Your Pet's Teeth: Dental Care Questions
    February isn't the only time to think about good oral health though. Keeping your pet's teeth and gums in good shape has many health benefits in addition to the sparkling fresh breath. Now is the time to schedule that checkup for your pet to ensure the best dental health possible.
  12. Dog Dental Health - What You Need to Know - PetPlace
    3/28/2016 · Preventive dental care represents one of the most neglected pet health needs. Periodontal disease is painful, and it’s up to us to take responsibility for our dogs’ care. If you think your dog may have periodontal disease, schedule an appointment to have your veterinarian perform an oral exam.
  13. Top 5 Signs Your Pet Has a Dental Health Problem ...
    Periodontal disease is an epidemic condition in dogs and cats, affecting to some degree almost 90% of adult pets. Not only does dental disease lead to painful mouths and tooth loss, but left untreated, periodontal disease increases the risk for chronic infections in the mouth, potentially spreading to other areas of the body, including the liver, lungs, kidneys and heart.
  14. Common Dog Health Problems and their Symptoms - …
    As a pet lover, it is your responsibility to take good care of your pet. This minimizes the risk of diseases and illness. Taking your pet for a routine wellness check enables you to discover potential health risks early enough. This article helps you to understand common health dog health problems and symptoms to watch out for. Read on.
  15. Periodontal Disease | AVDC - American Veterinary Dental ...
    Home oral hygiene can improve the periodontal health of the patient, decrease the progression of the disease and decrease the frequency of or eliminate the need for professional dental cleaning.Implementing home oral hygiene at a young age can help the pet accept life-long oral care. Consult your veterinarian about proven home oral hygiene strategies that can be employed to help …
  16. Pet Dental Services Anesthesia Free Teeth Cleaning for ...
    About Pet Dental Services. At Pet Dental Services (PDS), we provide anesthesia-free dental care to dogs and cats under the supervision of licensed veterinarians throughout the country. We are the #1 Non-Anesthetic Dental provider in the country offering Veterinarians and Pet Owners experience and expertise that is second to none.
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